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GST Updations
Remedy Star Updation - 6.9 Remedy Plus Updation - 6.5 Fast Updation - 4.6

Remedy+ i9 is a complete software solution which is used to automate all the activities of a retail medical shop. It is a one-stop solution for managing your pharmaceutical firm. This program is found to be the best in handling the huge number of items in the stock and the busy situation of the sales counters.

REMEDY+ i9 is designed to track highly sensitive areas of stock-keeping and accounting. And it is a tool for the ordinary people those who are not having a deep knowledge on computing practices and accounting concepts.

Fully VAT Compatible software.
 Medicine list of over 40000+ products
 Fastest billing system with multiple billing windows
 Highly efficient expiry tracking
 Purchase order creation with advanced options.
 Multi-year accounting enabled
 Maintenance module for easier correction of master details.
 Extensive reporting with unbound reporting periods.
 Alerts the user for items below reorder level and that have expired stock.
 Can remove slow moving & non moving items from the stock..
 You can keep track of your inventory, sales, purchase etc.
 Cash/Credit purchase options.
 Stringent data security and easy recovery in case of a system failure
 Different Users can be created with different operational rights.
 The unique & impeccable methods for Stock Taking without closing down the shop evens for a single minute
 Margin Analysis for purchase and sales
 Easiest and flexible ways for Stock Correction
Purchase bill import from any supplier
Software updation directly from internet.
Barcode facility
Accounts upto Balance sheet.
More than 500 Reports.
Remedy Star Updation - 6.9

Remedy Plus Updation - 6.5

Fast Updation - 4.6

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