Remedy Star

Product Overview

Remedy star is a complete sales and distribution software exclusively designed for wholesale distributors and traders. It supports multi-user, multi-company formats and comes integrated with accounts. It manages all aspects of wholesale operations quickly and accurately. It has the Capability to administer the total enterprise and efficiency and manage information. It is designed with an easy-to-use user interface.

features & benefits

  • Multi-level Security.
  • Cost control and improved profitability.
  • Optimize your Inventory.
  • Increased personnel productivity.
  • Daily business functions are made easier.
  • Sales volume increase through additional retailer services.
  • Enhanced competitive edge.
  • Manage the collections in a better way.
  • Better and more improved customer service levels.
  • Increased productivity in order processing.
  • Handle the ever increasing new products effectively.
  • Additional cash flow realized by better accounts receivable monitoring.
  • Overall improvement in business reporting and management.
  • Increased overall profitability.
  • GST Compatible software.
  • Support for multi company invoicing.
  • Support for all types of purchase entries like inter state, local, C Form and GST.
  • Support for all types of tax structures like first sales, second sale, GST sale etc.
  • Purchase, Sales, Cash receipts/payments, Cheque receipts/payments.
  • Information list views for faster data location.
  • Fully Windows compatible with GUI.
  • Stringent data security and easy recovery in case of a system failure.
  • Product maintenance based on category, mfr, and strength.
  • Billing facility for non stock products.
  • Multi- year accounting enabled.
  • Extensive reporting with unbound reporting periods.
  • Extremely user friendly with menu driven operations.
  • Different Users can be created with different operational rights.

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