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GST Updations
Remedy Star Updation - 6.9 Remedy Plus Updation - 6.5 Fast Updation - 4.6
  Fully Windows compatible and user friendly system will make it easier to operate even for a computer illiterate. There is no need of any computer operators in the firm.
 How can I settle a customer with a small list, who is waiting for a big one’s bill getting completed or How can I face the crowd at the counter?
 Fastest billing system with multiple billing windows will help to do this with ease which is twice or thrice f aster than the conventional calculating system.
 How can I add new computers to the existing system for easy customer handling?
  Our software is network enabled. One can add any number of PCs without having any extra investment on software.
 What can I do when the expiry of thousands of items in the stock becoming problematic and causing money loss?
 Highly efficient expiry tracking system enables one to find out the items, which are going to be expired within a prescribed period of time and return them to the supplier who supplied the same item.
 How can I enter the details of thousands of products to the software to make sales possible?
 Built in medicine list of over 35000 products are readily available with the program. New items can be added very easily.
 How can I take the stock of the shop without interrupting the daily sales of the shop?
 Innovative built in techniques and methodologies for initialising the system WITH OUT CLOSING DOWN the shop.
 How will the software be helpful when the sales person has no idea about the location of medicines?
 Faster bill printing with location / shelf identification will help to find out the exact location of the medicine on the rack.
 How can I prevent pilferage and unauthorised access of business information from computer?
  High level security features with user privileges will prevent the intruder from accessing the vital data. Day locking & unlocking provision will prevent unwanted data corrections and access. Exceptional detection system for stock & billing manipulations.
 How can the software be helpful in getting information required for future planning and  analysis?
  More than 120 reports with unbound reporting periods will help you to gather all the business information you require.
 How can I make statutory reports to be submitted with the relevant Government offices?
All such reports can be generated without having any expert’s help. Truly online – All reports up to balance sheet available at any time.
 How can I do counter sales?
Counter sale-billing option will solve the problem.
 How can I do transactions with cheques or drafts?
Unique Cheque management system will help banking activity from within Remedy itself in an easy way
How can I create a purchase order for a specific supplier?
Purchase order creation with advanced options helps you to do minimum required quantity purchase from each supplier dynamically.
How can I sell items that are purchased but not entered in the stock?
 Negative stock billing provision makes it possible.
When we find some items are damaged or non scalable and wish to return them to the supplier?
 Provision for damage, purchase return & sales returns
How can I enter the daily account details without recalling the accounting principles in mind?
 Daybook entry provision will makes it easy to enter the transactions as expense/income for a day.
 When will a negative stock occur?
Two main reasons are there to occur a negative stock. First is when sales of an item is performed before it's purchase entry a negative stock of that item will generate. The other reason occur in case of a change in conversion factor of an item.
What are the minimum system requirement for my shop?
  Minimum System Requirements :
     • Pentium III with minimum 1 GB RAM, 10 GB Hard Disk Space
     • SVGA Monitor, CD-RW drive,
     • UPS and Dot-Matrix Printer
     • OS – Windows XP and higher

  Recommended System Requirements :
     • Pentium IV with Core 2 Duo
     • 2 GB RAM, 10 GB Hard Disk space
     • SVGA Monitor, CD-RW drive,
     • UPS and Dot-Matrix Printer
     • OS – Windows XP

Your Return on Investments

 The Quality of Accounting Services can be increased.
 The cost associated with Accounting Services can be decreased.
 Improved Customer Service.
 Enhanced Competitive Advantage.
 Can generate high quality reports.
 FAST calculates whether or not a business is making money.
 It shows the financial condition of the business calculation using a balance sheet.
 Highly detailed audit trail for any line modifications or deletions
 Whole transactions, including header and detail records, can be committed completely.
 Unlimited number of companies
 Full data copying functions
 Supports both cash and accrual accounting methods.
 Accounts Payable ,General Ledger ,Accounts Receivable etc
 Stock Position

Your Return on Investments

 Fully integrated billing and reporting with multi-user feature.
 Require less Staff to cater more patients in same time or even less.
 Enhance patient care in a cost-effective manner.
 Stop any pilferage chances.
 Give complete details of the diagnostic centre in one go.
 Different Users can be created with different operational rights.
 Extremely user friendly with menu driven operations.
 Create any type of pathology test with simple and easy to use tool
 More then 90% operations can be performed with key board use still it’s a Window based Application
 Automatic and error free report printing of different kind of test results.
 Built in backup and restore facilities.
 Having facility to add, modify and delete test’s name, normal value, description etc.
 Network enabled.
Remedy Star Updation - 6.9

Remedy Plus Updation - 6.5

Fast Updation - 4.6

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