REMEDY PLUS - GST Updation Instructions
** Download Updation **
(Please use google CHROME for download REMEDY Plus Updation)
1. Click on link GST Updation New and Select Remedy Plus(Retail).
2. Download Remedy Plus GST Updation.
** GST Updation Installation **
1. You have to install the downloaded updation first in the Server and then all other computers. Make sure you have taken a special backup on the Server.
2. Close the Remedy+ program, if it is running.
3. Double click on the downloaded updation file (Run).
4. Click on the Install button.
5. After the Installation, Open Remedy+ as usual. It may take some time showing "Iniialising...", since some updations are to be done.
6. Use 'Edit Shop' from Login screen and give your 'GSTIN'. And Click on Update Button.
7. Open 'Control Centre' from the 'Tools' menu. Select 'TAX' tab, Tick Enable GST and Compound checkbox. Click 'Update' Button.
8. Open 'Tax Deails' from 'Masters' menu and select 'GST'. Create the GST Rates.
Eg: 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. For that give 5 in IGST Rate, 2.5 in CGST and 2.5 in SGST then Click on 'Create GST' Button.
Similarly create all other GST Rates.
9. Open 'Sale Voucher' from 'Masters' Menu, Press 'Enter' Key on 'Sales G1'. Change 'Form Name' to 'TAX INVOICE', change 'Print Type' to 'FORM 8 15cm(GST)'. Untick 'Enable S.Rate'. Click 'Update' Button.
Thank you, Now you are Ready for GST Billing