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GST Updations
Remedy Star Updation - 5.4 Remedy Plus Updation - 5.5 Fast Updation - 4

Information Management and proper presentation of the gathered data is a critical and time-consuming activity. All operations in a medical laboratory can be automated by using our product, Medlabs, which gathers and presents the data in a best possible way. Medlabs is a medical laboratory software that full fills all needs in the lab management field, all things like managing the reception, printing the test result reports,account management of the labs bill printing and many more at one place with fully expertise and error free operations.

 Different Users can be created with different operational rights.
 Extremely user friendly with menu driven operations.
 Create any type of pathology test with simple and easy to use tool
 More then 90% operations can be performed with key board use still it’s a Window based Application
 Automatic and error free report printing of different kind of test results.
 Built in backup and restore facilities.
 Having facility to add, modify and delete test’s name, normal value, description etc.
 Network enabled.
Remedy Star Updation - 5.4

Remedy Plus Updation - 5.5

Fast Updation - 4

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